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Goa     What To Do In Goa

What To Do In Goa

Wondering what to do in Goa during your upcoming trip? Well, Goa.Bz now offers you useful suggestions and valuable tips on how to spend your Goa vacation and the activities you can indulge in.

As the "beach capital of India", Goa is simply a fascinating destination to visit. However, many people fail to look beyond the beaches of Goa and in the process miss out on many interesting things. But with Goa.Bz serving as the perfect Goa guide for you, rest assured of an amazing vacation to remember for a lifetime.

Right from angling to luxury cruises, there are a whole lot of things to do in Goa. In fact, you will simply be amazed at the variety Goa has to offer. It is a well-known fact that Goa is a great place to party, its nightlife is indeed the talk of the world. So during your upcoming trip to Goa, you can spend a good time hopping from one hotspot to another.

Apart from its party scene, Goa is a great place to indulge in other enjoyable activities like wildlife watching. Bargain hunters can also look forward to some good days of shopping in Goa. From lively flea markets to designer shopping malls, Goa is indeed a collage of exciting contrasts. Sightseeing tours and excursions are also among the must do things for visitors to Goa.

The next time you start worrying about what to do in Goa, do remember us. Goa is indeed a beautiful place to explore. So don't just spend your entire time lazing on the beaches. Go out and explore this magical destination that has so much to offer.

For more on what to do in Goa, please scroll below :

Angling in Goa

Angling in Goa has always attracted a fair share of enthusiasts from across the world. In fact, more and more people are coming to Goa just to indulge in their favorite activity and take back memories to last a lifetime. Not surprisingly, they do come back again and again to enjoy angling in Goa.

The tropical surroundings of Goa have always aided fishing or angling. Moreover, the party like ambience that pervades the whole of Goa makes fishing a favorite sport for locals and visitors alike. Waiting patiently for a big catch to come up is something many find fascinating. In fact, the love for angling goes a long way in Goa. For many in Goa, angling or fishing adds up as their livelihood, while some have it as their favorite hobby.

Some of the best places for angling in Goa are the Vagator Beach, Chapora River, Baga River, around Fort Reiss and the Calangute Beach. So be it a Barracuda, Dourado or a Tuna, you are sure to come across many interesting varieties of fish during your angling tours to Goa.

Fishing equipments are easily available on hire in Goa, though many prefer to carry their own gear. You can also go fishing with the local fishermen of Goa. It would surely be something to remember with great delight.

Bird Watching In Goa

Bird Watching In Goa is a great way to unwind and forget the worries of the world. Goa teems with bird life of all kinds, from nesting to aquatic and migratory. Whether you tour the lakes of Goa, or enjoy a trek through the Western Ghats, you will be able to combine your tour with some bird watching.

The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is the only bird sanctuary in Goa. It covers an area of two kilometers. The sanctuary is located along the River Madovi. Enjoy the ferry ride from Ribandar to the Sanctuary, watching the myriad birds along the way.

The Morjim forest teems with gulls, terns and waders. The Saligao Springs nearby are also a great place to go Bird Watching In Goa. The Mayem Lake is of course, famous for its exotic birds. From the Pheasant tailed Jacana, Pygmy Goose and Comb Duck to common species such as herons and egrets, your Bird Watching in Goa tour will acquaint you with a breathtaking variety of local and migratory birds.

The Santa Cruz marshes are also ideal habitat for birds, and a must visit if you are keen on Bird Watching In Goa. The Charao Island is another great destination for Bird Watching In Goa.

Bird Watching In Goa will fill your Goa tour with fun and excitement. Whether you are an amateur birdwatcher, or a professional ornithologist, bird watching in Goa is something you will enjoy a lot.

Crocodile Watching in Goa

Want to indulge in some big time adventure apart from the regular beach tours, water sports and parties in Goa? In that case, you can surely indulge in some crocodile watching in Goa. Yes, those dangerous and deadly looking crocodiles can surely set your adrenaline racing. No wonder, crocodile watching tours in Goa are becoming popular with every passing day.

All roads seem to lead to the small village of Cumbarjua these days. The thick mangrove jungle near the village is full of crocodiles that are often seen lazing around in the sun. In fact, the Cambarjua canal is the only place in Goa where crocodiles can be seen in all their wild glory. Though it must be mentioned that stray crocodiles can also be found in a few places like Tivim, Quepem and Chorao.

It is very interesting to note that the crocodiles found in Goa are actually freshwater crocodiles. They have amazingly adapted themselves to the salty waters of the canal, something that is very rare in India. So as the canoes and boats full of curious crocodile watchers make their way through the canal waters, these predators can actually be seen watching their visitors passing by. In fact, the crocodiles are quite used to human presence.

Crocodile watching in Goa is something you are sure to remember with great delight for a long time to come. Do indulge in an interesting crocodile watching expedition the next time you go visiting Goa. You will simply love every moment of this exciting trip.

Partying in Goa

Partying and Goa have been synonymous with each other since times immemorial. Right from its colorful annual carnival to the regular beach parties, partying in Goa is something you will never forget in a hurry. In fact, the joie de vivre seen in Goa is something you will rarely come across in your travels around the world.

Also referred to as the "party capital" of India, Goa is a place where every day is a holiday to be celebrated with equal fervor. Though this statement may seem a bit exaggerated at times, it is not entirely untrue. Indeed, more and more people are traveling to this fascinating destination every year and have their share of partying apart from the regular sun, sand and water.

From loud and boisterous gatherings to small, private affairs, you can party as you like in Goa. If you can bring down the house at the regular parties hosted at the nightclubs and pubs, you can also opt for a quiet do at the beach with a few select friends for company. So no matter what type of person you are, the party bug is sure to get you once you are in Goa.

Trance parties and full moon parties are a regular affair in Goa. Often noisy and wild, these parties are attended by many visitors looking to have their share of fun. Theme parties are also the order of the day in Goa. However, it must be mentioned that such parties often involve drugs and heavy drinking, something that may put off many revelers.

Partying in Goa has become such a fad that every person is seen heading off to this "beach capital" the very moment he / she feels the need to unwind. So right from the noisy sort of partying to sober affairs, you do have a whole lot of options to choose from in Goa. Do visit this amazing destination at least once in your life and see what it is all about.

Full Moon Party in Goa

Goa, a paradise for the tourists coming from various parts of the country and also abroad has a lot to offer to them. Goa, a traveler's hub is famous all around the world for its full moon parties that bring a large number of tourists to Goa every year.

The psychedelic trance parties that are famously known as full moon party in Goa are extremely popular among the youth coming to India from other countries. The full moon parties at Goa over the last ten years have given way to a global trance party scene in Goa. Goa became a hub of full moon parties as the semi permanent western population settled in various locations here. This semi western population is centralized more towards the Anjuna and Vagator beaches and therefore these places have become the full moon party capitals of Goa. The full moon parties at Goa India can be called to be located on a ten-mile strip of coastline situated in the North of Panjim.

The participants of the full moon parties in Goa say that through these parties they try to commute to the spirit of nature and universe. As mankind has used music and dance to commune to the spirits of nature and universe, they are trying to follow the same path and trying to use trance music and trance dance experience to set off a chain reaction in consciousness.

These full moon parties in Goa India are known to be the spirit of gypsy culture in Goa. However, with the growth of tourism in Goa, other things are overshadowing these full moon parties.

Cruises in Goa

Cruises have emerged as one of the major attractions in the present times. Contemporary lifestyle of today is not averse to any form of entertainment. As our lives are generally in turmoil these days, we all like to forget our worries for a while. Cruises in Goa have come up as another option for the tourists coming to Goa to forget the chaos of their lives. These cruises in Goa India not only give a good time to the tourists but also help them in uniting with the tranquility of the nature elements. Cruises in Goa India can be categorized into river cruises and sea cruises.

The river cruises in Goa are thoroughly enjoyable and offer an elating experience to the tourists. River cruises at Goa India are organized on Mandovi River. There are a number of private tour operators who operate river cruises to Mandovi River but it is strongly recommended that you hire the services of Goa Tourism Development Corporation that is popularly known as GTDC. The tourists coming here can choose from daytime, sunset and moonlight cruises among the river cruises at Goa.

Another way of seeking pleasure of cruises is through sea cruises. With waters of Arabian Sea washing the fringes of Goa, sea cruises have become a star attraction among the tourists arriving here. Sea cruises are best enjoyed if you take on with the cruise from Mumbai and head on to Goa with the cruise. These sea cruises that continue for three to four nights are the best way to enjoy cruises. Alternately you can also pick up a few short cruises that start from Goa itself.

Luxury Cruises in Goa

Although all cruises that the tourists coming to Goa India board have something or the other that is unique and wonderful. But still there are a few cruises that highlight the entertain option of boarding cruises during your trip to Goa India. A few star cruises are the major attraction that brings a large number of tourists to take on with the cruises on offer in Goa.

Dolphin Discovery, a star cruise or what can easily be called as being one of the luxury cruises in Goa draws a large number of tourists. A prominent cruise among the luxury cruises at Goa India, Dolphin Discovery starts from Panjim Jetty. It passes from the major attractions of Goa and drops anchor in front of secluded Coco Beach where the tourists can take pleasure in swimming and sun bathing.

Santa Monica is another attraction among the luxury cruises in Goa India. Operated by Goa Tourism Development Corporation, the cruise takes you on an exciting trip to Mandovi River every evening. The highlight of this cruise is that live cultural entertainment programmes entertain you.

Other Goa luxury cruises include Kadmat Island Goa cruise, Kochi Goa special cruise and Goa cruise. All these luxury cruises at Goa India start from Mumbai and travel to various other destinations before reaching Goa.

Often the travelers coming to Goa for a vacation are delighted to see the luxury cruises in Goa that offer so much to the tourists in a single go.

Shopping in Goa

Holiday to Goa seems incomplete without going for shopping and taking souvenirs back home that remind you of the pleasant trip to Goa for a long time. A lot of times it happens that the tourists coming to Goa for a holiday get so engrossed with various activities that either they don't have time or money to go for shopping. However, it is suggested that all you tourists thinking to spend a vacation in Goa should keep shopping in Goa at the first place in your itinerary.

The wonderful local handicrafts in Goa are the most popular articles for taking home as souvenirs. These local handicrafts that include brassware, terracotta, shell work, crochet, carved furniture, bamboo work and papier-mache are simply loved by people all around the country and abroad. The tourists coming to Goa can shop for these articles in government emporiums and small stall located at various places. Easy availability of these handicrafts makes shopping in Goa India a delight for the tourists.

Another major attraction of shopping at Goa India is cashew nuts. Unlike the local handicrafts, cashew nuts can be shopped from almost everywhere in Goa. Cashew nuts that are available almost everywhere are available in various flavors like plain, salted and masala.

The tourists arriving to Goa on a vacation must not miss shopping from the traditional markets in Goa towns and villages. These markets that reflect the ethnic culture of Goa are a best place to see how the people in Goa do business. Two major shopping destinations in Goa are Mapusa and Arjuna.

With an ethnic touch of its originality, the shopping in Goa would be an altogether different experience from the usual lifestyle shopping.

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