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Rave Parties
The Goan Parties
Goa has always been known for its 'Happening' culture. Nightlife of Goa is a major attraction for the tourists. The beaches are a hotspot for organizing parties. Alternatively, hotels, pubs, bars and casinos are also a party spot. Party culture in Goa is supposed to be started by the Hippies during there visit to Goa in 1960s. They found the beaches of Goa perfect for resting in solitude. Nights on these beaches under the moon along with water on one side prompted them to party during night time. Since then, Goa has come a long way in terms of the manner of the party. Earlier parties were organised on festivals, get together and at celebration times. Now a days parties have become a sort of compulsions on the beaches of Goa. Tourists and locals need no excuse for a party and music & dance go on for whole night.

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The Rave Parties
The Rave parties of Goa are also said to be started by the Hippies. One of the main form of entertainment of the tourists, the Rave parties are gaining more and more popularity every passing year. Earlier Rave parties meant Loud music, Boozing, and Addictive Drugs abuse. The hippies had a kind of life style which required alcohol, drugs and other illegal consumable items. Slowly the craze of these kind of parties started building up in the youths and the visitors of Goa. Later on, with government interventions and regulatory norms, Drug abuse came down as these were declared illegal by law. In the current scenario, Rave parties in Goa mean 'Goa Trance music', Dance, Live bands, great food and occasional boozing. The local music bands of Goa have developed a unique style of music, which is refered to as 'Goa Trance'. The Rave parties of Goa are also referred as Trance parties.  Rave parties are also held at Disco Valley in Vagator, not known by many but only known by ravers.

The growing drug abuse in these Rave parties faced heavy oppositions by the government officials, environmentalists and the local media. Since last few years, they have joined hands over the drug abuse issue and to put a stop to the easy availability of these drugs. Now it's only during Christmas and New Year that one can be guaranteed an organized rave on a scale to match Ibiza, Thailand or Miami. For the rest of year normal dance and music Trance parties go on.


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